who is this girl giggles?

After college, Lyndsy has lived out of 3 suitcases for 8 years to climb the corporate ladder that she was unsatisfied with. She has lived in Washington, D.C., Auburn, New York, Atlanta, and Birmingham these past 8 years. From living and breathing lifestyle public relations to corporate public relations… then running and owning a small business. She has spent a majority of her 20’s working 7 days a week – and still is! One day, she realised the plus side of running her own business: making her own schedule! She absolutely loves Formula 1 races and travelling… so boom! @thisgirlgiggles happened.

She will share her travels to Formula 1 Grand Prix race destinations and travel tips + travel fails.

Are you going to the Formula 1 race? Lyndsy meets with her readers at the race!

Just be ready to giggle.

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