Travel Fails: Traveling with Friends

What Not to Do: Travel with Friends by @thisgirlgiggles



I get asked this question all the time: Should I travel alone? Is it safe? Should I travel with a friend just to be safe?

I’ve been there. You’re a bit nervous to travel alone, so you decide to travel with a friend. Yes, they’re great to go out with for a drink. They know you can’t drink more than one and it’s time to go home after your third. Of course, they’re a good listener when you are pouring your heart out.

But, have you actually spent 14 days together before? That’s 336 hours together.

No, you haven’t.

And if you have, you wouldn’t be reading this.

Don’t make the mistake I’ve made. I’ve gained many friends during my travels, but I have lost close friends that I’ve decided to travel with.


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This is what I’ve learned from the past.

You love them to death but we all know that one or two friends who always gets what she/he wants. No exceptions. 

TRUST ME,  it will only get worse in a foreign country!



DO NOT TRAVEL with selfish friends

DO NOT TRAVEL with a friend who refuses to do anything alone for 14 days

DO NOT TRAVEL with a friend who only wants to drink margaritas and eat Mcdonald’s abroad

DO NOT TRAVEL with a friend who tries to babysit and lecture you

DO NOT TRAVEL with a friend who does not give you any personal space

DO NOT TRAVEL with a friend who refuses to try anything new

DO NOT TRAVEL with a friend who doesn’t want to share a hostel room full of 10 people at least once

DO NOT TRAVEL with a friend who doesn’t know how to say “thank you”




DO TRAVEL with a friend who knows to give/ask you for personal space when needed

DO TRAVEL with a friend who cares about your safety

DO TRAVEL with a friend who is willing to try new food and experience the culture

DO TRAVEL with a friend that has a sense of humour

DO TRAVEL with a friend who is willing to do interesting tours and odd activities alone or together

DO TRAVEL with a friend who wants to stay up all night to hang out with the international travellers you guys just met at the hostel

DO TRAVEL with a friend who is easy-going and independent

DO TRAVEL with a friend who doesn’t mind laying back low and knows how to relax when needed


Got any tips of your own? or Got a similar experience?

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Let me know below 🙂


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  • Reply
    17/06/2017 at 15:36

    so on point!!!1 I’ve definitly had a couple friendships end because we were not compatible travelers. It’s such a shame! I prefer solo travel anyways lol

  • Reply
    18/06/2017 at 03:26

    Great tips! I am very selective of who I travel with due to many of the reasons you have stated. Sometimes a trip or friendship can be ruined so def need to choose wisely who you travel with!

  • Reply
    18/06/2017 at 03:38

    I know exactly which of my friends I could travel with, and which I couldn’t. Doesn’t mean I don’t love ’em, just means we have our limits 🙂

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    09/07/2017 at 15:35

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